- Established 2015 - Santa Cruz, California

Odour Absorbing & Water Resistant Luggage

Each one our bags are built with our custom layering system, designed for odour absorption and water resistance. The outer shell is a rubber-backed nylon; it is woven for strength and backed with silicon to protect what’s inside by keeping water out, while also helping to keep smells in. Between the outer shell and inner lining is our Carbon Filter System that works to absorb unwanted odours and prevent them from escaping. The soft, inner cotton lining serves as a protective barrier between the carbon filters and the bag’s contents. This layer increases the longevity of the filters and adds to the overall proven durability of the bag. Each Revelry bag has waterproof zipper, genuine leather accents and metal hardware.

The Layers

We’ve worked really hard on our odour absorbing bags and we know our range and build quality is far superior than our competitors. Our hybrid bag technology uses not only Carbon but also a Rubber-Backed Nylon for that extra layer of protection that you won’t see in anyone else’s bag.

Rubber-Backed Nylon
Woven for strength and durability, this fabric makes the perfect exterior. By coating the back side of the nylon with rubber we are able to make our bags water resistant while still maintaining a classic look. The rubber backing also helps to contain air and odour from escaping.

Carbon Filter System
The Carbon Filter System is made of three layers. The middle layer is activated charcoal which absorbs unwanted odours and keeps them from escaping. The two white synthetic filters help absorb odour, as well as protect the structural integrity of the unwoven charcoal.

Twill Lining
The main purpose of the lining is to protect the Carbon Filter System. It also looks dope and is soft to the touch.